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I think it's already out there. At least in New York it's been here for a while. One place in particular called "Milk and Honey" operates in the way you described. You can only get in with a direct invite from someone else.

While I think the club is still open, I have never been there and nobody I know has ever been there either. So they haven't gotten a penny from us. If we really wanted to, I'm sure I could track down SOMEONE with an invite, but with literally thousands of other places to go to, why bother with the hassle of trying?

It might work for a little while in Boston, but it seems kind of fadish. Take your example of google. When their email first came out, there was buzz and demand was high. I felt the urgency to get a gmail account and I had absolutely no idea why. When I finally did, I was pretty excited at first. A few months later, however, I think I've used that address maybe 10 times. If I was a nightclub or bar owner, I think I'd be afraid of the same thing happening.

peter caputa

good idea. could be coming sooner than you think.

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