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As sick of paypal sucking every last penny out of you as I am? Then check out http://powersell.greenzappers.com This think is the bomb!

pissed off

paypal is the most useless piece of shit on the net, and we all know there that most things on the net today including google and msn are total shit and worse. I had a pay pal account specifically in american dollars and even opened an american dollar acount here in switzerland so I could do all trans actios in dollars. When I tried to transfer funds from my american dollar acount in dollars to my american dollar bank acount here they converted the dollars to swiss francs automatically and when I called to ask them to do it in dollars I was treated very rudly by some english bitch then by some irish asshole who told me they must first cancel the first transfer then redo it. They then charged me 8 swiss francs as a cancelation fee before telling me I cannot transfer american dollar funds to my american dollar acount unless they first convert it to francs then convert it back to dollars so it can be put in my acount. This is only one of the many problems I've had with this shit company and I've had enough! I hate paypal and I have cancelled my acount, these assholes have ripped me off on virtually every transaction I made and they are so fucking slow I could have done this eaysier by smoke signal. This shit company is a total rip off and thank God with so many people hating it as they do it must, hopefully cease to exsist!


they shit me to tears

'there is an unresolved issue" says the pp robot....

will they tell you the problem ??? no



why they have robotic humans to answer the phone is beyond me

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