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Rolf...I understand that there is a TOS, and that to be a member of any site, you need to abide by said TOS....I just thought that given the relative innocuousness of the picture, and of it's use, in the whole scheme of things that it was a little silly. I am a designer and I know and appreciate the need for copyright and copyright protection, but I never took credit for the photo (or the monkey for that matter), and really...who is it harming? I have seen far worse on many other "friend" sites....


If you don't want to follow the terms of service, don't use the service. Such terms - applicable in nearly every "friend" type network on the web today - are there for many reasons: One is to protect the copyrights of photographer who might have photographed that celebrity or animal (or rather to make sure they themselves don't get sued for having such photos on the network. They can now say "look, we told people not to."). "The photo should be of you and should be current" should really be read as "the photo should be one that you are allowed to use, not stolen off of AP photos or AnimalWeb etc.". People forget that copyrights apply on the web and as a result really simplistic terms of service are popping up everywhere to cover providers asses. my 2 cents anyway, as I don't really care if the pic is of you or a monkey.

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